How to stream popular websites or Content with SmartersVPN ?

Nowadays, there is so much content available on the internet world-wide. From streaming tv shows, movies, sports channels, series, entertainment material, documentaries and so much more. Everything is available at your fingertips, accessible with just the one and only via the internet. However, many of these streaming websites and channels are blocked region-wise. With increasing technology in the past, this difficulty has been resolved by streaming with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can now learn how to stream popular websites with a VPN and unblock geo-restricted content that is otherwise blocked in your region.

Restrictions on content/websites around the world

There are an abundance of websites that are blocked in many countries. For eg. like Netflix, Amazon Prime being banned in Russia after the events or war in Ukraine. These geo-restricted limitations are placed by countries due to government policies or laws that make it very difficult to achieve the basic purpose of streaming. However, there is a solution to everything in today’s world because the technologies are enhanced and growing daily.

SmartersVPN helps you unblock the limitations from anywhere in the world with the help of its browser extension that is ideal for all streaming purposes. It will help you mask your IP address, change your location instantly and connect you to the country of your choosing where your preferred streaming service is available. There are also geo-restrictions placed on services streaming in different countries where content availability varies from region to region such as Netflix. For eg. Harry Potter is only available on Netflix Turkey and Germany.


How to access geo-restricted content/Websites with SmartersVPN

• Login with your credentials.
• Go to Popular Websites and click on the channel you want to access.
• Your selected channel will open up. Stream now and enjoy!
If you have already availed a 7-day trial, you can now purchase a subscription to SmartersVPN and continue accessing your favorite content.
By purchasing this subscription, you get full access to all SmartersVPN applications at a fortunate price.

Benefits from using SmartersVPN Unlimited to access streaming content or website.

1. Watch HD video online

Thanks to a huge variety of our super fast VPN servers, you can always watch your favorite video content in HD online with SmartersVPN. Benefit from the best video quality with Smarters VPN. No lags, no delays, and no logs.

2. Watch from any spot World-wide

It doesn’t matter in which country you are now. The list of our server having many locations all over the world. Run the app, choose the server, and enjoy online freedom.

3. Watch on your favorite device

We’ve created a multi platform VPN application to let you use it on any device you like. Laptop, smartphone, iOS or a streaming device – which one will you choose? Watch films and sports events on your favorite device right away.

4. Watch at your convenience

Subscribing to SmartersVPN Unlimited, you are able to unlock streaming services on up to 5 devices. The app will automatically synchronize your account among all the devices that you choose.