What You Know & Don’t About Free Vpn and Paid VPN ?

While it might be alluring to get a free VPN and avoid paying for subscription, this could actually put your security, personal information and privacy at risk. Are there any circumstances under which you should choose a free VPN? Is a paid VPN always better? Let’s jump into the free VPN vs. paid VPN debate.

What is a Free VPN?

First of all, let’s define what a free VPN is. As the word says, it’s a VPN service that doesn’t ask you to pay a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription fee. But how is that eventual? A VPN service relies on a huge network of thousands of servers that have to be continually maintained. Having hundreds or even thousands of employees are using free VPNs. Even though free VPN providers don’t charge any fee. In the end they still have to make a buck somehow. And this is where the problems undertake.

How do free VPNs make money?

  1. They Sell Other Collected Information to Their Partners or 3rd Parties
  2. Bombarding you with ads
  3. Pushing you to upgrade to a paid version
  4. They Insert many Cookies
  5. They Give Away Your Email to Their Business Partners

Is SmartersVPN free?

No, but you can get a SmartersVPN free trial which you can cancel within 7 days. SmartersVPN offers a monthly, Annually, subscription plan. As the world’s leading VPN, it employs thousands of people working to make it as secure and devoted as it is today. TRY NOW

What are paid VPNs and how are they better than free alternatives?

Paid VPN providers make money by charging users for a VPN subscription whether monthly, annually and one-time. They then put that money into building up their infrastructure, adding new features, and work to provide the best possible user experience. Long-term users are the roots for the business model, so it’s necessary that they take care of their customer/user base and maintain a good reputation.

When you run a paid VPN, you have no failure, as you are coerced to deliver what you’ve promised. However, with free VPNs it’s a whole different tale.

What are the benefits of a paid VPN?

  1. They offer genuine protection for your private data online.
  2. They have top-notch network security.
  3. They do not impose bandwidth or speed limits.
  4. They give you access to more server locations.
  5.  They offer a host of other features for a better experience.
  6. Additional features with Access to services

So, which VPN is right for you “paid or free”? While a free VPN might sound like an fascinating option, you’re risking your security, personal information and privacy by using it. Unlike paid VPN services, free VPN companies have to generate income in other ways. Some free VPNs might offer a limited version of its free service, which could endanger your security. In other cases, some free VPNs may even sell your data to make money.